Visionary leader, highly respected teacher, healer, mentor, tireless advocate and champion of Rural Health, Dr Pat Farry was unmatched in his efforts and contribution to Rural Medicine and General Practice education. His vision of sustainable and quality health services for rural communities and small towns of New Zealand was through education. He devoted much of his career to advocating and lobbying for improvements and funding for rural medicine. The Pat Farry Rural Health Education Trust was established in March 2010, with the purpose of continuing this legacy. › Continue reading…

The ten minute appointment

“Don’t let medicine eat you up, make medicine work for you”

It’s a fine balance in medicine, between dedicating your life to medicine and keeping yourself happy and well. I’ve held on to these words that were shared with me as a medical student, coming back to them particularly when I have become overwhelmed by medicine.

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Wilson’s Disease

We have ended up on North Ronaldsay this week to spend time with the nurse practitioner in charge of the islands health care. The northernmost isle of the Orkney Isles, it is home to about 50 full time residents and a variety of sheep endemic to the island, aptly named North Ronaldsay sheep. › Continue reading…

Hospital Food

We are coming to the end of our first week in the Orkney Isles and whilst a lot of things have stood out as great, the one thing has been surprisingly outstanding has been the food served to both staff and patients.

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Welcome to the Orkney Islands

“The sky is just big, I can’t explain it, you’ll see when you get there”  – Orkadian farmer

I found out how true this was a few days ago as we arrived here in the Orkney Islands. The people are magnificent, the community is inspiring and the sky is certainly big.

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The Pat Farry Rural Health Education Trust has announced application details for its Travelling Scholarship for 2016/2017. The annual Pat Farry Rural Health Education Trust Travelling Scholarship awards up to $10,000.00, which may be divided between two recipients. The scholarship assists medical students to travel internationally to a rural situation to observe new concepts, develop their own skills and share their learning with other students when they return.

“Scholarships offered by the Pat Farry Rural Health Education Trust assist young people to spend valuable time in innovative and challenging overseas situations, to return, and to become the new idea generators here in New Zealand,” said Mr John Farry, Pat Farry Rural Health Education Trust Chairman.

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