Visionary leader, highly respected teacher, healer, mentor, tireless advocate and champion of Rural Health, Dr Pat Farry was unmatched in his efforts and contribution to Rural Medicine and General Practice education. His vision of sustainable and quality health services for rural communities and small towns of New Zealand was through education. He devoted much of his career to advocating and lobbying for improvements and funding for rural medicine. The Pat Farry Rural Health Education Trust was established in March 2010, with the purpose of continuing this legacy. › Continue reading…

A day at the medical centre

My time in Guatamala is coming to an end now; my Spanish has improved, I have become part of the local football team and my days at the medical centre have been varied and very different from New Zealand.
Each day brings something new. Most days I take consultations, examine the patient and provide basic treatment where necessary.

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Introductions & hablas español?

I am living in Boloncó, a small village in the Alta Verapaz region. This region is known to be the poorest, and also the most dangerous region in Guatemala. The latter I have not experienced as of yet. The people here are beautiful; they are welcoming and kind. The closest town is Fray Bartalomé de las Casas, a 50 minute drive along a bumpy ‘road’. The area has a tropical rainforest climate and much of its economy has been built on the cultivation of palm oil. Much to my excitement, it is also well known for cacao and coffee plantations.
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Guatemala: First Impressions

My first impression of Guatemala was a good one. It is a beautiful country; it is mountainous, with terraced hills, numerous looming volcanoes, and diverse forests. Traffic is busy and chaotic, people are everywhere and food stalls; notably fruit, line the roadside. Churches stand tall in every town, Catholicism being the main religion here. And of course, a town is not complete without a football field, even if it does consist of a dirt patch with makeshift goals at times. I was looking forward to getting out the small football I carry with me everywhere when I travel. › Continue reading…

“Ponte Las Pilas” – full immersion in Trujillo, Peru

One of my favourite Spanish quotes is “Ponte Las Pilas”, which literally translates to “put in your batteries” and is akin to the English saying, “put your skates on and get cracking!”. It perfectly describes the first few weeks of my time in Trujillo, Peru. There has been no rest for the wicked and I have loved every moment of it.

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The Pat Farry Rural Health Education Trust is excited to announce that we will be hosting a  special event fundraiser as part of the National Rural Health Conference in Blenheim this year.

A Private Film Screening ‘She Shears’ | 5 April 2019 | ASB Theatre

Click here to book! 

Please join us along with family and friends for DINNER THEATRE at the ASB Theatre, Blenheim for a fundraising event hosted by the Pat Farry Rural Health Education Trust.

In conjunction with the National Rural Health Conference, and as a fundraiser for the Pat Farry Rural Health Trust, we will be hosting a private screening of the She Shears Film with a Q+A session with guest speaker Jack Nicol (Film Director).

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